11/13/2019: “Signs of Disability, Disclosing” by Stephanie L. Kerschbaum

Today’s #AntiAbleistComposition feature is the recently published “Signs of Disability, Disclosing” by Stephanie L. Kerschbaum in enculturation: a journal of rhetoric, writing and culture.

Stephanie L. Kerschbaum is an associate professor of English at the University of Delaware. Her first book, Toward a New Rhetoric of Difference, offers a theory of marking difference to understand how difference circulates and is taken up in everyday conversations and interactions.

Click here to read the open-access article.

Header image description: The image has a dark blue gradient background. On the top section is “Anti-Ableist Composition” in white all-caps bolded sans serif font. On the bottom section is “‘Signs of Disability, Disclosing’ by Stephanie L. Kerschbaum” in yellow sentence-case regularly formatted serif font.

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