A Thank You Note

I want to thank a number of people who have supported me and my work over the past year and half as I have progressed through my PhD program:

  • Jennifer LeMesurier
  • Gracen Brilmyer
  • Christina V. Cedillo
  • Wilson Knight
  • Elana Friedland
  • Ruby Nancy
  • Lynn Reid
  • Els Woudstra
  • Olivia Wood
  • Kate Horowitz
  • Jason O’Neill
  • Pritisha Shreshta
  • Jessica Thelen
  • John Lucier
  • Lexi Walston
  • Psyche Ready
  • Marjorie James
  • Kelsey Mason
  • Dan Schapiro
  • Jasmine Villa
  • Cana Itchuaqiyaq
  • Brooke Siegler
  • Christa Teston
  • Agata Foryciarz
  • Keli Tucker
  • Marilyn Downing
  • Emily Smith
  • Cristobal Martinez
  • Brian Fehler
  • Gretchen Busl
  • Kristin Lacey
  • Atta Zahedi
  • Sam Johnson
  • Malea Powell
  • Mitch Cieminski
  • Caddie Alford
  • Jessica Brown
  • Les Hutchinson
  • Saffyre Falkenberg
  • Teacoa Rushton
  • Julia Bernier
  • Megan McIntyre
  • Jean Alger
  • Helen Rottier
  • Meagan Solomon
  • Atinuke Abayomi-Paul

By Cody Jackson

Cody Jackson is a PhD student in rhetoric and composition at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

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