11/29/2019: “Embodied Composing in ‘Crip Time'” by Caitlyn Ray

Today’s feature is a video essay by Caitlyn Ray titled “Embodied Composing in ‘Crip Time'” published through Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. From the video description: “What does composing look like in and across digital, networked spaces and the physical spaces our bodies inhabit as we compose? In this project, the authors take on this question and others as they capture and share their composing processes across mediums, platforms, localities, and languages.”

“Embodied Composing in ‘Crip Time’: An Exploration” by Caitlyn Ray (Kairos 21.2 Praxis)

Caitlyn Ray is a PhD candidate in rhetoric and composition at University of Louisville.

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