2/29/2020: “Parasitic Publics” by Kyle R. Larson and George F. (Guy) McHendry, Jr.

Today’s #AntiAbleistComposition feature is “Parasitic Publics” by Kyle R. Larson and George F. (Guy) McHendry, Jr. published in the 49:5 issue of Rhetoric Society Quarterly.

About the authors

Kyle R. Larson is a PhD candidate at Miami University (OH) whose research and pedagogy focus on counter-public and social movement rhetorics. Kyle is a co-founder of the field-(re)shaping #nextGEN international graduate student email listserv.

George F. (Guy) McHendry, Jr. is an Associate Professor in the Communication Studies department. His PhD is from the University of Utah (MA from Colorado State University, BA from Ripon College).

Guy studies rhetoric and cultural studies within the discipline of communication. His research currently focuses on public performances of security in airports and the relationship between the public and the Transportation Security Administration. Guy is especially interested in how security and resistance is performed in airports and how those performances can dominate our ways of experiencing airports. When not in the classroom or working on an essay Guy can be found playing with his dogs, playing hockey, or trying out something new in the kitchen. For more information about Guy and his vitae, please visit his website at

By Cody Jackson

Cody Jackson is a PhD student in rhetoric and composition at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

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