Setting Up Mutual Aid Spreadsheets for Graduate Students (or any collective for that matter)

Today, I designed a mutual aid spreadsheet and distributed it to graduate students and faculty in our department. I’m including the elements of that spreadsheet here in case it’s helpful for others, too.

Google Drive’s Sheets is the tool I used to develop the spreadsheet. I also made it available to everyone who has the link. This comes with its own privacy concerns, but if the link is not shared outside the collective, things should be okay in terms of protecting each other’s information.

fields for resources neededfields for resources on-hand
Contact information (Name, Phone, Address)Contact information (Name, Phone, Address)
Non-Perishable Food NeededNon-Perishable Food On-Hand
Supplies Needed (Germ-X, anti-bacterial wipes, gloves, masks, cleaning supplies)Supplies On-Hand
Do you rely on prescription medications? If so, where do you usually get your medications refilled?Can you offer transportation to those who need to access medical care, food resources, and other necessities?
Are you feeling isolated? Do you need company (pending safety precautions, of course)? This could mean a phone conversation or texting, too.What TCU resources do you have access to? What TCU resources can you redistribute to those who need them? This could include money, food, supplies, etc.
What TCU resources can we redistribute to those in-need of them?##
This is not an exhaustive list. ##

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