4/13/2020: “Contextualizing Black Disability and the Culture of Dissemblance” by Sami Schalk

Today’s #AntiAbleistComposition feature is “Contextualizing Black Disability and the Culture of Dissemblance” by Sami Schalk. The article pays homage to Darlene Clark Hine and Hine’s 1989 essay titled “Rape and the Inner Lives of Black Women in the Middle West: Preliminary Thoughts on the Culture of Dissemblance.” Both texts are published in Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society.

Excerpt from Schalk’s article:

“In the past decade, increasing numbers of disability studies scholars have begun to explore racialized experiences of disability, but the field generally still lacks substantive engagement with critical race theory and black feminist theory…By culturally contextualizing black women’s experiences of depression and other mental health concerns within Hine’s concept of the culture of dissemblance, we have a stronger foundation for understanding, challenging, and changing the intersecting systems of oppression that shape the lives of black women today.”

Click here to visit Dr. Schalk’s professional website.

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