7/26/2020 • “The Technical Communicator as Advocate” by Natasha N. Jones

Today’s #AntiAbleistComposition feature is “The Technical Communicator as Advocate: Integrating a Social Justice Approach in Technical Communication” by Natasha N. Jones. The essay is published in the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication.

Professor Natasha N. Jones is a technical communication scholar and a co-author of the book Technical Communication after the Social Justice Turn: Building Coalitions for Action (2019). Her research interests include activism, social justice, narrative, and technical communication pedagogy. Her work has been published in a number of journals including, Technical Communication Quarterly, the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, the Journal of Business and Technical Communication, and Rhetoric, Professional Communication, and Globalization. She has received national recognition for her work and has been awarded the CCCC Best Article in Technical and Scientific Communication (2014 and 2018) and the Nell Ann Pickett Award for best article (2017). She currently serves as the Vice President for the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) and the chair for the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC) Diversity Committee. She loves dogs and has two geriatric chihuahua mixes, Rosie and Daisy, that fondly refers to as her mutt-butts.

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