Thursday February 18, 2021: Nirmala Erevelles at University of Washington 3pm Pacific Time

Neil Simpkins provided the following information via the Disability Studies and Rhetoric and Composition listserv.

“The Disability Studies program at the University of Washington is hosting Nirmala Erevelles this week on Thursday at 3pm Pacific Time, and I thought I would share the info about the talk.”


“Scenes of Subjection”: Carceral Logics and Disability Labor at the Intersections

The labor of disability is appropriated by the carceral state to implicate bodies and justify violence against them at the intersections of race, class, gender, and disability. Beginning with historical narratives of black women facing unimaginable violence first within slavery and the via post slavery systems of punishment that included first the convict leasing system and later the chain gang, Erevelles marks the historical continuities/discontinuities with contemporary violent practices of the carceral state against women and girls that now include special education classrooms, alternative schools, juvenile detention homes, and other institutional settings. Drawing on these “scenes of subjection,” Erevelles lecture traces how the socio-political category of disability is utilized to produce the carceral subject and discusses the conceptual as well as material implications when disability is included in this analysis.

ASL and CART will be provided.

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