Call for Collaborators • March 2021

The Anti-Ableist Composition Collective is seeking collaborators who will help expand our Collective’s presence and solidify a collaborative, interdependent ethic of care. The Collective is especially interested in disabled and neurodivergent writers who can help in one of the following areas:

  • Blog Editor: Responsible for reading and providing small amounts of feedback to writers who submit blog posts for circulation through the Collective webspace. The Blog Editor will be provided with access to the Anti-Ableist Composition blog and editorial capabilities via WordPress. [FILLED]
  • Resources Page Editor: Responsible for curating, updating, and building upon the Resources page on the main Anti-Ableist Composition webspace. [FILLED]
  • Source Sharing Editor: Responsible for curating, updating, and building upon the archive of sources shared by and through the Collective’s blog feed. [FILLED]

If you are interested in collaborating through one of these positions, contact Cody Jackson at cody.jackson@tcu.edu or direct message Anti-Ableist Composition on Twitter.

Note: these positions are not hierarchical or answerable to Cody or any specific individual. This is a collective effort and there will be no professional or personal gatekeeping. There will be collaboration and constructive feedback as we work together.

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