If you’d like to help sustain this workspace, there are a number of items you can purchase through our Teespring online store. All proceeds will go toward paying the yearly WordPress charges to maintain this site and toward paying contributors to post material on our blog. Frequent financial reports will be made publicly available for transparency.

“No Checklist is Synonymous with Disability Justice” tee

Tee shirt design: image of a pink tee shirt with “No checklist is synonymous with disability justice” written in black, all-caps sans serif font.

“What Does It Mean to Move?” tee

Tee shirt design: a white tee-shirt with “what does it mean to move?” written in bold, lowercase black font. The font is left-aligned. Behind the text are faded blue wave designs. Underneath the bold text is Anti Ableist Composition (hashtag Anti Ableist Composition). This design is inspired by Christina V. Cedillo’s 2018 Composition Forum essay published under the same name.

Anti-Ableist Tote Bag

Tote bag design: image of a tan tote bag with a pop out quote with red and orange borders. The text is within a white background outlined by the pop-out. The text reads “anti ableist.” “Anti” is written in lowercase red cursive font and “ableist” is written in orange all-caps sans serif font. Beneath the pop-out design is “www.antiableistcomposition.com” written in sans serif black font.

Nap in Progress | Spoons Pillow

Pillow design: “Nap in Progress” is written in all caps sans serif black font. “Progress” is bolded. Beneath the text are 9 spoons placed in groups of three. Each group contains a brown spoon, dark gray spoon, and a lighter gray spoon.

Another University Is Possible | Tee

Tee shirt design: “Another University Is Possible” in all-caps Black sans serif font. Layered beneath “Possible” is a light blue graphic element. Beneath the main text is [hashtag] anti ableist composition.